Potluck Supper with Meeting to Follow | A book of essays and drawings to be published by Coffee House Press in October 2013 | More.


Book of Trees, Both Native and Introduced | Photographs by Paula McCartney, text by me | Edition of 250
8x6 inch artist book with letter press cover. | Published by Conveyor Arts, 2013. | More.

Secret Atlas of North Coast Food
| Edited by James Norton | An essay (with map) entitled "The Songs of the South Minneapolis Ice Cream Truck: A Field Guide." Published by Heavy Table Books, 2013. | More.

Of Beards and Men | A photo book of portraits of bearded men by Joseph D.R. O'Leary. | An essay about historical and contemporary trends in beard-wearing entitled "A Badge of Authenticity" (plus I'm the subject of one of the portraits). | Published 2013. | More.


"The Stroll" | A weekly column about art and visual culture in Minneapolis-St. Paul | MinnPost | Appearing every Wednesday since January 2012.


"The Flat Tire" | Thirty Two | Fall 2012 | Purchase.

"Artists of the Year: Jan Xylander / Natasha Pestich" | City Pages | Published December 21, 2011 | Read.

PHONEBOOK 3 | Threewalls | Published October 2011 | "With over 750 listings of artist spaces, residency programs, financial and administrative resources, and event series across the United States, this book is the essential guide to the current national landscape of artist-run culture." Including an essay on "resources" by me. | Purchase.

"Ghost Crawl: A walk through the Warehouse District gallery scene 20 years later" | Rain Taxi | Fall 2011 | Read. (Also appears in a revised format in Potluck.)

"And Everything Like That: An Interview with Andy DuCett" | Paper Darts | Vol. 3, Spring 2011 | Read or purchase.

"Blast From the Past" | Mpls. St. Paul Magazine | March 2011 

The Spectacular of Vernacular | Walker Art Center | Published March 2011 | A catalog created for the Walker Art Center exhibition of the same name, also with essays by Darsie Alexander and John Brinckerhoff Jackson. My contribution was "…a reflection on the evolution of roadside vernacular, and attendant histories of heartland America where it is so abundant." Purchase. (Also appears in a revised format in Potluck.)

"Making the Break with Alec Soth" | Rain Taxi | Winter 2010-11 | Read. (Also appears in a revised format in Potluck.)

Jerome / MCAD Fellowship for Emerging Artists catalog | Summer 2010 | Essays on the five artists that received the fellowship: Steven Accola, Caroline Kent, Tony Sunder, and Tynan Kerr & Andie Mazorol.

"Paula McCartney's Bird Watching" | Rain Taxi | Spring 2010 | Read.

"What Have We Done During the Time We Lived?" | Art Review and Preview | Het Einde / How This Reality Came to Be (final issue), May 2010 | "Documenting the familiar—Twin Citian, Connie’s Insider, Artpaper, Your Flesh—alongside others either long-forgotten or inconspicuous from the start, 'What Have We Done During the Time We Lived' is a compilation of excerpts from the farewell letters from a slew of young and idealistic editors who worked around the clock for little more than their own satisfaction in having contributed to the ever-fluid community each valued during his or her time as a member of it." | Purchase. (Also appears in a revised format in Potluck.)


"A Word on the Weather: Paula McCartney’s On Thin Ice, In A Blizzard" | Quodlibetica | February 1, 2012

"Love Is Where You Find It" | mnartists.org | January 17, 2012

"Dome Light: At Home with Artist Martin Woodrich" | mnartists.org | April 1, 2011

"38th Street: A Culinary Travelogue" | Heavy Table | February 2011

"A dramatic introduction to performance art" | Minnesota Playlist | December 2010

"Bohème Maximale: The Untold Story of One of Minnesota's Greatest Art Treasures" | mnartists.org | April 1, 2010

"Vasili Nechitailo: Russia's Mid-Century Master Craftsman" | mnartists.org | December 2010

"A Speculative Wes Anderson Filmography, 2013-2075" | A Bright Wall in a Dark Room | November 2009

"Farm Accident: A Secret History" | mnartists.org | April 1, 2009

"Exhibitionists" | mnartists.org | February 2009

"Oh No! Elitists on the Horizon!" | Secrets of the City | September 2008

Note: Revised and/or expanded versions of "A Word About the Weather," "Love is Where You Find It," "Dome Light," "Boheme Maximale," and "Farm Accident" appear in Potluck.)


The Devil's Snake Curve: A Fan's Notes From Left Field, by Josh Ostergaard | A nonfiction book about baseball, with illustrations throughout by me. | Published 2014 by Coffee House Press.

The Novelist & the Rapper, Mickey Hess | Published 2012 by Dark Sky Books | A collection of short stories and essays (one of which is loosely based on the time Mickey stayed with me in Minneapolis) | Cover illustration by me, art direction by Steve Sachs | Purchase here.